Thursday, November 28, 2013

Recap: Yes, I'm still alive...

Guuuuyyyyyys! I feel like it has been forever since I’ve updated you all on the wonderful world of 7th grade. The past few weeks have been so busy, but also so fun! Here’s a recap: 

The last week of October was spirit week at school. I had ENTIRELY too much fun participating in character day. I made my own costume (courtesy of Pinterest) and paraded myself around as Wonder Woman. Ignore the fact that I’m the same height at my students….

Also, we had “‘Merica” day. You can see it too well, but I was highly pleased with my Etsy shirt that says “Hakuna some freedom: it means ‘Merica”…. It doesn’t take much, doesn’t take much. 

And, Pink-Out day for breast cancer awareness. Special to me because my sweet aunt was diagnosed a few weeks ago. I fully believe in the power of prayer -- it moves mountains. Pray with me?

Sprit week festivities also brought the death of my iPhone, which prompted this survey as Friday’s bellringer. Good thing my principal didn’t visit. I did in fact purchase the Galaxy S4 because I promised my students that I would buy whatever they chose. I also promptly returned in 24 hours later. I’m an Apple girl...don’t judge me. 

I rearranged my desks. As I type this I’m realizing that I probably post too much about my seating situation. (Mental note that readers probably don’t care…)

I got a second job. Still not entirely sure how I feel about this. I’ll let you know after Black Friday (during which I’m working ten hours straight).

I got new glasses. Kind of. I got them last month. Go with it. 

I also had a bulletin board mishap. I diligently worked to arrange the letters to say “public service announcements”. I came in the next morning to this unfortunate occurrence: 

Curse you, gravity. 

I spent two whole planning periods building this bad boy. Merry early Christmas :)

And also, my mom enabled my Pinterest addiction by sending me an Elf on the Shelf. She's basically the best and I love her for it.  This was my Instagram post to my kids: 

And, I went to a fantastic concert. That’s Toby Mac. 

So anyways, that's the run down. I hope that you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving. Find something to be thankful for... not just tomorrow, but everyday. The fact that you and I are both breathing right this second is proof not only that we have something to be thankful for, but also that a loving God cares for us immeasurably. Soak it in.

Peace & Love,



  1. Firstly - So sorry to hear about your Aunt! I'm an absolute believer in prayer too, so consider her added to mine!
    Next - cute wonderwoman outfit! I wish we had spirit week at my school! Maybe I'll suggest it for next year!
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving :)
    The E-Z Class/Learning to be awesome

  2. You have been busy girl! We too had spirit week and I posted my pics on my blog FB...our days were weird though :/ I LOVE the seating arrangement. I wish I had individual desks because I would do the same thing...but I'm stuck with tables :( Love the new glasses. Doesn't it suck that to survive as a teacher we have to get second jobs?!?!?! Something is wrong with that picture.... Happy Thanksgiving!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels