Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas from Target (and other post-Christmas funsies)

So. Maybe you heard about the Target debacle. If not, let me recap this sad story: 

Multi-billion dollar retail store, loved and adored by many, skimps on security, allowing the identities of millions of loyal patrons to be compromised, subsequently ensuring that said patrons are in serious debt over the course of the biggest American holiday of the year. 

This is a true story, ladies and gentlemen. Worse? Your girl got the short end of the stick….all because I’m in love with the bullseye! 

A few weeks ago I was dawdling on my lunch break at work and decided to check the state of my finances. Upon investigation I noticed that I had roughly $1000 worth of fraudulent charges on my credit card for….wait for it….. Tanning bed visits, used auto parts, and AA&T Trac Phone minutes. Serially?

So, I called my credit card company who issued me a new card, reimbursed the charges, and all was happily ever after (you rock, Capital One!) Until December 16, when, upon awakening from my slumber I discovered that my checking looked like this: 

This was my face: 

It’s now exactly 11 days later and after seven calls to the fraud services department and a two hour visit to my local branch, BB&T has finally decided to get their act together and reverse the charges that were made for Trac Phone minutes, and a Dish satellite bill among other things… but only after they tried to tell me I was responsible for the overdraft fees incurred as a result of the fraudulent charges.  Wrong.

Listen, identity theft is no laughing matter. To say this has been a nightmare would be a major understatement. Thankfully it’s all straightened out and I’m now in the positive again; however….the moral of this story is that BB&T has the worst customer service, and I need to start using cash. As for Target, their CEO, Mr. G. Steinhafel, is offering customers a 10% discount on purchases this weekend as a result of their trouble. Gag me, Gregg. 

In other news, post-Christmas days brought the wonderfully precious wedding of my sweet highschool/lifeguard friend, Arielle. Both the ceremony and the reception were held in a local coffee shop in Fayetteville, NC that she and her new husband decorated themselves. So. Sweet. They are absolutely precious together! Congrats Cody and Arielle! 

First dance

My handsome date

VCA ladies with the bride

What has the post holiday season not brought? Paper grading and other miscellaneous school “stuff”. I really had a plan for organization over break...but, obviously, a plan was as far as it went. Luckily, teachers in my county have an entire day devoted to planning on Thursday before students come back on Friday. It’ll all get done then, right?

It also hasn’t brought a playoff spot for the Steelers. Maybe next year.


Hope your post-holiday days are spectacular. Savor the last few minutes of 2013 -- do fun things. Laugh :)



  1. Glad your financial situation got taken care of. I've found it irritating that any online purchase my Chase card would deny first just because of the whole Target ordeal and I hardly ever shop there. Very cute photos : )

    FYI I’m having a giveaway at my blog for my 32-pg place value book (PDF version)--if there are enough entries everyone will be a winner! Feel free to share about it and enter.

    Lucy Kids Math Teacher

  2. Oh you poor thing! I was hit with ID fraud too a couple years ago, luckily they didn't take any of my money, but I did go from a very healthy credit rating, to a non existent, hitting the depths of hell one all because a bank manager in a town is never been to before didn't check the details of her client properly. Thankfully all sorted now, but I feel for those that have to go through something like this! New Zealand is very card reliant, and it is very rare to see any one with cash these days - but it's good you have that option! Enjoy the last few days of your winter break!!
    learning to be awesome

  3. I would be so stressed out if that happened to me! It is even worse that it happened so close to the holidays when there is so much shopping to do. I'm glad everything got figured out and reimbursed though.

    I don't know if you've seen the "Homework" or "Sunshine Blog" posts floating around in your network but I've actually nominated you through my post! If you want to check it out it is available at:

    I hope to see you post about it and Happy New Years!

    Miss L
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching