Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Christmas Again! (Kinda Sorta....)

After waiting all week, I finally received an e-mail from the COE today with information regarding my placement for student teaching. It felt like Christmas opening that e-mail, because for one, until final grades were posted in December, I wasn’t even sure I would be student teaching this Spring. I’ve been on the Dean’s list the past few semesters, but this wasn’t always the case you see.  Early in my college career I had some very poor (non-existent) study skills, and as a result I’ve spent the last two years trying to make up for the damage I did to my GPA during that time. (And, as a side note to any other students reading: it really is important to study hard even in high school and the beginning of college — you may think it doesn’t matter, but believe me, it does. I wish I had listened to the people in my life who tried to tell me that socializing wasn’t as important as my education...but, I digress….) It’s been a lonnnng journey that I had to learn the hard way, unfortunately. But, I’m happy to say that as of December, I’ve finally broken the 3.0 GPA barrier and am now eligible for ADMI 5 status (i.e. Student teaching). I’m so thankful for God’s help and provision along the way because without it, this wouldn’t be happening —  I’m proof that he blesses hard work (when you actually decide to put in the effort).  So, yes, it feels like Christmas! And that’s that. And now: Drum roll, please…

Starting on the 17th, I’ll be at Spring Valley High School, and then moving to Huntington Middle in March. 

So excited!

I really have no idea what to expect for the next 16 weeks, so I'm also super nervous. I can already visualize myself reliving the time I turned beet red while reading the General Prologue of the Canterbury Tales to a class full of 12th graders (but that's another very unfortunate story, for another day....). I’ve read a lot of helpful information on various blogs, but unfortunately, until I meet my classroom teacher, it’s hard to say what I’m in for. Any teachers reading this: do you have any advice for student teachers? Any specific expectations for the first day? In one particular blog post I read, a teacher wrote that she gives her student teachers their own desks/work stations for the semester. I’m not holding my breath on that one, but it would be kind of awesome. I guess we shall see soon enough. Stay tuned! 

 Happy Friday :)


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