Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Blog: Tales of Teaching Heels

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be a guest blogger here today! Thank you Emily so much for asking me to write. My name is Stephanie and I blog over at Tales of Teaching in Heels. I am a high school English teacher, though have taught 7-12, and just completed my 5th year of teaching. I teach in a public charter school in North San Diego County and LOVE it.  If you like this post, head on over to my site and check out all the other cool ideas I have…all my products are FREE!

You’re on a Roll: Keep up the Good Work

I’ve got a great little goodie for you guys today. I have found that a little encouragement, even in a high school classroom, can go a long way. I used to write little notes to students and pass them out when they were doing a great job, or overcame an obstacle. But then it got to be so time consuming that I stopped doing it all together. But I now have the perfect solution: pre-made acknowledgements. 

I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest, I mean we all get our teaching ideas from there don’t we?? I knew I could make my own version, so I did!  I’ll show the product and then give you the steps. I also have a FREE printable of this sheet, with a blank space to handwrite your name to personalize it :)

Steps for making this great treat!

1. Down load this FREE printable of the tags and write your name in the blank space. Then make copies [Do the name first so you don’t have to write your name 50 times]
2. Take a 2” circular hole punch, I got mine at JoAnn’s Fabric, or use a 40% off coupon at Michaels, and your teacher discount of 15% , and cut out the tags.
3. Take a hole punch and punch a little hole in the corner, careful not to get too close or the ribbon will rip through the hole.
4. Use 3 Tootsie Rolls, I opted for the colored ones because Dollar Tree had the packets, but the red tag will go nicely with the regular Tootsie Rolls too.
5. Tie a ribbon around the Tootsie Rolls [works well if you make a pyramid of two on the bottom and one on top], then tie on the tag. 
6. Viola! You’re done 

I hope you enjoy this little FREEBIE and find it helpful in your classroom…or maybe as a parent to sneak into their lunch one day as a little encouragement.  Thanks again Emily for asking me to write today, and we can’t wait until you’re back and bloggin!!!


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