Saturday, July 20, 2013


Ok, right, I know it's Saturday...but, just go with it, okay? This was Friday:

The day's playlist :-)

Doesn't everyone pack like this?

Fresh Mani! I Seriously have an addiction to Essie nail polish.
This is "Lacquered Up" -- my all time fav.

Laziest Chihuahua ever. Wouldn't even help me pack.

Grapefruit sky.

Frozen hot chocolate -- you know, because I worked so hard on packing ;-)

Finally finished. It only weighs 50+ lbs...Sorry not sorry.

I had a lovely Saturday with my grandparents in Charlotte, enjoyed one last American meal (unless you count continental breakfast...and I don't), and now I'm hanging out at the Wyndam Resort (which is less resort and more sketch-establishment...) before I proceed to the airport in the morning! Send me some good vibes, because even though my mom was a flight attendant for years and I have flown more than 100 times, I'm still utterly terrified of airplanes. But, I'll manage because this airplane is taking me to Italy!!

Can't wait to blog about my Italian adventures (and also hopefully blog about my new job?!) when I get back. Until then, I guess that does it for this installation of Insta-Friday!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Oh how fun! Have a great time in Italy!! Just a little bit jealous :) Essie nailpolish is one of my favs too.

    Life With Middle Schoolers

  2. I totally pack that way minus the trip to Orange Julius!

    Cowan's Pre-K Caterpillars

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  4. Hi Emily!
    You are delightful! Any district would be lucky to have you.
    Thank you for the nomination. I've actually won before, but my blog was about two days old, and I had no clue what I was doing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I said "maked" in my blogpost acceptance ;)
    Thank you! And enjoy your trip!