Friday, July 26, 2013

Insta-Friday -- Brittany W. Guest Blogs

Hey y'all! It's Brittany here from Lovely Literacy and More
I hope all of you are having a fabulous summer, especially for those who are heading back to school too soon very soon. As you might already know Emily is away (lucky girl!) and she asked me to guest blog for her Insta-Friday. Isn't that sweet? This is my first guest blog. Can you believe it?! I was pretty pumped about it and Insta-Friday is perfect for me because I take pics on a daily basis. Okay... maybe a little too much sometimes.

My Friday started out at the grocery store picking up food & these pretty flowers for our family BBQ we are having at our house Sunday.

If you follow my blog then you may have read that getting a fence up was on my summer to-do list. The fence got put up a few days ago and it is Emma's new favorite place to play. Friday she was putting her ball on the stairs and knocking it down so she could chase after it. It was a funny sight.

 Speaking of a funny sight... While Emma loves playing outside Boozer apparently does not so much. He prefers to lay in bed. And no I did not buy our big dog that small bed. Notice the big bed in the back there... That's his bed. For some reason he likes Emma's little bed.

 Being productive on a Friday... Why yes I was!
All you need is a pencil holder, glue gun & a feather boa & waalaah--- you have yourself a fancy pencil holder for our "fancy journal" pencils. I tell my kinders that these "fancy" pencils can only be used during journal writing because they must use their best handwriting and these fancy pencils help their handwriting. :) They love em'!

 Journals & handwriting are a big deal in my class so I found these "writing wands" at the Dollar Tree. Three for only $1.25. I plan to add glitter on the border of the star. You may be thinking- how will I use this? After they write in their journal & illustrate their writing I will tap their journal with the Writing Wand which will signal that they did a great job & can put it away.

 While I was at it with the fancy pencil holder & writing wand, I also made a sight word game that the kids can play. I found the popcorn bucket & the sponges at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. When the students read the sight word on each sponge (we'll pretend its popcorn) they get to put it in their popcorn bucket. If two are playing than who ever fills their bucket first wins.

Happy Friday peeps!!!
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